DryFog Disinfectant Systems

FogClean® Disinfectant Systems are the most efficient and cost-effective solution available today that treats surface disinfection while also addressing airborne contamination. Our ultrasonic, fogging nozzle atomizes disinfectant to 10 microns or smaller ensuring complete, touchless coverage of an area. And because ultrasonic fog dispersion can cover an exponentially larger area faster than any other sprayer or mister on the market today, you are assured a healthier environment at a lower material and labor cost.

Fog Clean Lite


FogClean Pro

FogClean® Lite

Backpack system designed for optimal portability and flexibility

FogClean Pro

FogClean® Pro

Industrial grade disinfectant system to disinfect the same space due to high traffic

FogClean ultrasonic nozzle


Create fog droplets that most effectively agglomerate to pathogens

Advantages of the System

microscopic droplets

Creates microscopic sized droplets for better surface area coverage.

airborne pathogens

Droplet size allows for best contact with airborne pathogens.

surface residue

No residue left behind on surfaces.

electrostatically charged

Creates electrostatically charged particles without the need for electronics or batteries.

control droplet size

Enables user to control the droplet size via small regulation to achieve wetter or drier fog.

solution amount

Uses minimal amount of solution to achieve coverage due to the smaller droplet sizes.


Dust Solutions, Inc.

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