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FogClean Systems Disinfect Local Police and First Responders Vehicles

FogClean Systems Disinfect Local Police And First Responders Vehicles

FogClean and Global Infection Control Consultants have partnered to help keep first responders safe from COVID-19 with the donation of a FogClean Pro system and 100 gallons of Path-Away disinfectant, an anti-pathogenic solution that has tested in excess of a Log4 (99.99%) kill factor of the COVID-19 SARS CoV2 virus strain.

The FogClean Pro system enables police departments and first responders to quickly and efficiently decontaminate patrol and EMT vehicles and any area with known or suspected exposure to COVID-19. The system can fog a police cruiser in less than one minute and total disinfection occurs in under 5 minutes of contact. Furthermore, because dry fog does not wet surfaces, sensitive electronic equipment does not have to be removed from the car.

Chief Christopher Chapmond with the Bluffton Police Department said, “Men and women are out on the front-lines fighting an unseen enemy. We don’t know when we are exposed and when we are not so having the capability to sanitize our vehicles and to take care of our people, not only the Bluffton police department but we are going to share it with the other first responders in the community.”

“We determined that the concept of particle agglomeration that we use for Dry Fog dust suppression is also equally effective in a pathogenic application,” stated Richard Posner, President of Dust Solutions, Inc. and FogClean. “When we create fog using a disinfectant proven to kill COVID or other virus strains, we are able to completely decontaminate an area, reaching areas that standard misters, sprayers or manual disinfection methods cannot reach.”

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