Dust Solutions, Inc.

Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) is a leading manufacturer of dust suppression systems for a wide array of industries including power generation, mining, mineral processing, aggregate, pulp & paper, wood products, food products, hazardous waste, and marine and bulk handling.

DSI’s proprietary Dry Fog systems and ultrasonic nozzles are known globally for their effectiveness in suppressing dust with minimal energy consumption and water use and without chemicals. For over thirty years, Dry Fog has been used in challenging industrial environments to agglomerate to and suppress particulate matter from becoming airborne during operational processes and in turn, reducing the potential for environmental and health hazards

Other key products in DSI’s suite of dust suppression solutions include NESCO water spray systems and DustTamer windfence systems. Our engineers work to design custom solutions for your specific application and air quality and dust issue.

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Global Infection Control Consultants, LLC

Global Infection Control Consultants, LLC (GICC) provides solutions for the elimination of infectious pathogens and pathogenic bio-aerosols.

The Path-Away® line of products is the result of a global search by Dr. Martin to create products that would not only be extraordinarily effective but safe enough for his own children and grandchildren while taking environmental stewardship into account.

The basic product formulation is directed at the control and/or elimination of a broad spectrum of fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses in buildings. Due to groundbreaking technology the product has use across a wide spectrum of market segments. It has been used to increase crop yield, help raise bigger and more healthy poultry, decontaminate nearly every mode of transportation private and public and even protect textiles.
With Certified Organic Input and a listing as non-GMO/alcohol free, Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® has easily been recognized as safe and has been approved and certified for use by numerous countries as well as meeting or exceeding numerous USA-EPA, USA-FDA, USDA, EU, JAS (Japan), and other country standards. Scientifically developed and manufactured in the USA, the products have not used animals during any portion of the research and development process.

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