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FogClean® Lite

backpack system designed for optimal portability and flexibility

What's Included


Main Control Unit on backpack


Solution/Disinfectant Tank (3 Gallon/11.36 Liters)


Nozzle Gun Assembly including choice of one nozzle


Tubing / Conduit Connection (5 feet)

All FogClean systems are manufactured in the United States.


The FogClean Lite is a backpack system designed for optimal portability and flexibility. The system enables users to efficiently maneuver and blanket an area with disinfectant fog. Users can also easily toggle between pressure settings on the nozzle gun assembly to produce a “dry” fog for hard to reach places or address potential airborne contamination or produce a “wet” fog per CDC protocol for certain solutions and applications. The FogClean Lite systems includes a 3 gallon tank and can fully disinfect a typical 150 square foot room (13 square meters) in less than 50 seconds, using approximately 0.07 gallons (0.26 liters) of solution. A typical 10,000 square foot facility can be completely sanitized in less than one hour, using only 1-2 gallons (7.5 liters) of solution.

FogClean Lite is currently being used for a wide variety of applications such as office and commercial buildings, health and wellness offices, fitness studios, first responder vehicles, transportation systems, hotel rooms and hospitality facilities and more.


Tank Size Standard3 Gallons (11.36 Liters)
Weight15 lbs (6.80 kg)
SCFM @ 90 PSI (Nm3/h @ 6.2 Bar)FCN-3: 3.5 SCFM (5.62 Nm3/h)
FCN-6: 7.5 SCFM (12.04 Nm3/h)
FCN-10: 9.5 SCFM (15.25 Nm3/h)
Droplet Size0-10 um (3.9um average)
Surface Area Coverage per minute with FCN-3 Nozzle144 sq. ft (13 sq. m)
Solution Used per MinuteFCN-3: 0.05 Gallons (0.189 Liters)
FCN-6: 0.08 Gallons (0.303 Liters)
FCN-10: 0.13 Gallons (0.492 Liters)
Dwell TimeOver 1 Hour


  • Scuba style, fully adjustable backpack
  • Three gallon solution tank
  • Thermoformed, removable shell to easily refill tank
  • Two setting trigger gun assembly to toggle between pressure settings
  • Quick swivel fit, single air connection line from system to compressor
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